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1. What country is Nuren a product of?
All Nuren Skincare products are made in the USA in FDA approved labs.

2. Is Nuren animal-cruelty free?
Yes, Nuren does not test on animals or use animal byproducts.

3. Are Nuren products Parabens-free?
Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics. Due to many people’s concerns over the use of parabens, we avoid using Parabens in wherever it is unnecessary in our line. All of our products – except our Crystal C Mask – are Parabens-free.

4. Is Nuren gluten-free?
Yes, all Nuren Skincare products are gluten-free.

5. What kinds of ingredients do you use?
While we use some time-tested chemicals as bonding and enhancing agents in our formulas, at least 90% of each product is simply composed of nutrient-rich natural botanical extracts, such as licorice root, bearberry, green tea, honey, witch hazel, peppermint, carrot root, calendula, willow bark, cucumber, marshmallow, aloe, lavender, and many, many, more.

6. There are many skin-lightening and brightening products on the market. How does your Ultra-Rich Skin Brightening Serum work?
Bearberry and licorice are natural ingredients that contain tyrosinase inhibitors. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that controls the production of melanin, an excessive amount of which causes hyper-pigmentation. The inhibitors found in bearberry and licorice block tyrosinase from producing excess melanin in the cells, reducing the production of pigmented skin cells, thus resulting in brighter, even-toned skin.

7. Where can I buy Nuren Skincare products?
At this time you can purchase Nuren Skincare products online and in certain stores in the DFW area.

8. What do the illustrated labels on the corners of Nuren boxes mean?
The labels in the top corners of Nuren packaging are provided by our laboratory, allowing for quick succinct information about the product within. You will find these clearly-marked symbols on each of our products.

9. What does Nuren mean?
Nuren is a pluralistic name that encompasses every facet of our vision for healthy, natural skincare. In Mandarin Chinese, Nu Ren means “woman”. In Arabic, Nuren means “light” or “illumination”. In Sanskrit, Nuren means “brilliance” or “radiant”. Essentially, Nuren refers to every woman’s natural radiant beauty, which we humbly seek to enhance.

10. Where can I find a full list of ingredients you use in your products?
The ingredients for each product are listed both on this site under “Product Details” and on the back of every package.

11. Is Nuren formulated specifically for South Asian skin?
No. While we do market heavily to our lovely South Asian clients, Nuren Skincare is not formulated to specifically suit South Asian skin types. Nuren works amazingly on anyone and everyone!

12. Can I sample Nuren’s products before purchasing?
Unfortunately we don’t offer this service at this time.

13. Why are there no testimonials featured on your site?
They are coming very soon!