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Nuren' Youth Recovery Creme
Posted by Technical Support User on 1/1/2011 to Blog Category

Youth Recovery Crème – 50ml
with Biopeptide CL & Sepicalm VG for Youthful and Radiant Looking Skin
SKU #: 1204185

Not one, but TWO powerful active ingredients make up this incredible Youth Recovery Crème!

Active Bio-Peptide CL helps build an extracellular collagen matrix that makes skin look firmer, healthier and even more resistant to harmful UV rays.

Active Sepicalm VG provides key metabolic components that help your skin to Repair, defend and even reverse the effects of free radical damage, such as from the sun.

The overall effect will leave skin rejuvenated and moisturized with a “Radiant” youthful appearance.

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Nuren' Youth Recovery Creme
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